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Dear Visitors, Let me welcome you to Al Saadoon Group – a fast growing company and successful business located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a team experienced and qualified business professionals in our various business units, today,Al Saadoon Group, is fully geared to meet the demands of the global market place. We have successfully established ourselves in the varied business activities covering Manufacturing, General Trading & Cleaning Services.Please visit individual links/websites to get detailed information on these activities and services. All the business models operate autonomously sharing our primary culture of placing customer on top with an unswerving commitment to offer the best in value and quality to every customer, the group has worked assiduously to realize this vision. We have laid a strong foundation in the markets we operate and are committed to serve the local community with total integrity. Our local presence enable the local community and customers to have top quality service. Our HR policies and practices are among the best in the industry, valuing the essentials in attracting, inducting/engaging and retaining the high quality professionals. We believe in employee satisfaction, upgradation of their skill levels and for this purpose, the group invests a lot in training & development, incentive schemes, bonus, etc. Our group enjoys a high credit rating in the global business community and thus financially a strong company. We are proud of our achievements. I am confident that our group will see even greater growth and scale even greater heights. We extend a warm welcome to all those who share our vision of a future where development is sustainable and growth is achieved. Together, I am confident that we will provide the future energetic solutions. Please visit this site regularly for fresh updates on products and services and opportunities. With best wishes, Mr. Kamal Ahmed Al Saadoon Chairman


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Our Special Offer

hygolet s3000

Hygolet S3000

Introducing Hygolet s3000 a very hygienic solution for your toilets that will give you and your customer a 100% satisfaction. a switzerland made a very high quality plastic and electronics, with the S3000 hygienic toilet seat, restroom users no longer have to wrestle with awkward paper seat covers or other paper products commonly used to

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Aroma Scents

The new aroma hygiene solution that will suites in your taste in your smells and home designed.

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towel promo

Free! 1 year hotel linen supplies

Al Saadoon Automatic Laundries are giving you a very special deal! in every 200 mix laundries that we  wash, we will give a 1 year FREE linens depends on your requirements. ANY TYPE OF TOWELS ANY SIZE OF BED SHEETS ANY QUANTITIES….. SO HURRY CALL US NOW 17000011

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